Fig Fruit Facts and Health Benefits 101

Facts about Figs


Figs are the fruit of Ficus tree (also known as Ficus carica), a member from the family of Mulberry. They are unique for the reason that they contain an opening, known as the "ostiole" or "eye" that is not attached to the tree, yet helps the fruit's growth, helping it in interaction with the natural environment.

Figs vary noticeably in color and slightly in texture depending on the type, of which you will find at least a hundred and fifty. Among the most common types are:

  • Adriatic: the type frequently used to prepare fig bars, which features a pale green skin with pink-tan flesh

  • Black Mission: dark-purple skin with pink colored flesh

  • Brown Turkey: purple-colored skin with red flesh

  • Calimyrna: greenish-yellow colored skin color with amber flesh

  • Kadota: green-colored skin with purple flesh

Health Benefits of Eating Figs

  • You can find 5 grams of dietary fiber per 3 servings. Therefore, it assists in good bowel function and also avoids constipation.

  • The dietary fiber in figs can also help to lose weight and is suitable for obese individuals. Be careful -- figs also cause weight gain, particularly when taken with milk.

  • Figs have pectin, some sort of soluble fiber. As soon as fiber passes through the gastrointestinal system, it clears cholesterol and move them away from body.

Halved Fig with Purple Peel

  • Dried figs feature phenol, Omega-3 and also Omega-6. All these essential fatty acids lower the risk of heart disease.

  • The existence of fiber helps you to mop up as well as usher out substances which may cause cancer.
    Fiber in figs help protect against post-menopausal breast cancer.

  • The American Diabetes Association highly recommends figs to acquire a high-fiber treat. Fig leaves lower the level of insulin required by diabetics who have to use insulin shot. Fig is abundant with potassium. Potassium helps you to control blood glucose levels. Fig leaves have got anti-diabetic properties

  • People would always consume more sodium such as salt. Low potassium along with high sodium amount can result in hypertension. Figs are loaded with potassium and low in sodium. Therefore, it can help to prevent hypertension.

  • Figs are identified since a long time for eliminating sexual weakness. Soak 2 to 3 figs in milk overnight and then eat them the next day to improve your sexual strength. It may also help in putting on the weight.

  • Figs are full of calcium. Calcium helps strengthen your bones.

  • People consuming high salt diet can be troubled by elevated urinary calcium loss. Figs contain potassium which helps you to prevent that.

  • Vision loss among the elderly is because of macular degeneration. Fresh fruits and figs are generally great for preventing this disorder.

  • The abundant mucilage content of the fruit aids in curing and taking care of sore throats.

Buying Guides of Figs

  • Try to find plump, soft figs whose peel is green, purple or brown, depending upon the type.

  • When figs ripen, pectin present in the cell walls dissolves with the figs become much softer to the touch.

  • The biggest, best-tasting figs are usually those picked and transported at the end of spring and beginning of summer, in between June and July.

  • Select dried figs in firmly sealed air-tight packages.

  • Stay away from fresh figs with sour smell. The odor suggests that the sugars contained in the fig have fermented; the fruit is rotten.

Storing Tips of Figs

  • Refrigerate fresh figs. Preserved or dried figs may be put in the fridge or at normal temperature; in either case, wrap all of them properly in an air- as well as moisture-proof container to prevent them from the loss of moisture and to keep them from becoming hard. Dried figs can keep for many months.

Fig Fruit Side Effects

  • Eating fig fruits in food amount is generally safe.

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