5 Good Foods for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

List of Foods That Promote Skin Health

The biggest organ of humanís body is the skin. It acts as the first defense layer to protect the organs and tissues from infection and damage. The skin has several useful functions, include sensation, protection, bodyís temperature control and toxin excretion. The skin comprises mostly water, which is about 70%; followed by protein (25.5%), lipids (2%) and minerals (0.5%). There are basically 3 skin layers: Epidermis (outer), dermis (inner) and subcutaneous layer. About 16% of your bodyweight comes from the skin, so it is important to get the right nutrient to keep it healthy. 
  1. Papayas
    Papayas are well-known for their protein-digesting enzymes, such as chymopapain and papain. These enzymes are useful in healing burns and treating inflammation. The fruit is also a good source of antioxidants as it is loaded with beta-carotene, vitamin C and E, which are superb anti-inflammatory. Vitamin C in papayas helps maintain skin elasticity as it is one of the ingredients to produce collagen in the body. The papaya has been used by alternative medical practitioners worldwide to produce natural anti-aging remedies.

5 Foods for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

  1. Tomatoes
    Tomatoes are rich in an antioxidant compound known as lycopene. Lycopene works incredibly well with the skin as it is able to reduce dark spots and wrinkles due to extended exposure under the sun. Several scientific studies have also associated consumption of tomatoes with lower risk of skin problems, cancer and heart disease. Regular eating of tomatoes, according to dieticians, can help improve skin conditions in 10 weeks. Lycopene in tomatoes is especially effective for skin that is damaged by the harmful free radicals.

  2. Wild Salmon
    Wild salmon is definitely a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, vitamin D and antioxidant compounds. Omega-3 is amazing to protect you against inflammation and redness of skin. It is wonderful for wrinkle reduction and skin firmness improvement. Besides, it also acts as a protective layer to shield your skin from being damaged by the harmful ultra violet rays. According to study report published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009, a five-year observation on 1,100 adults in Australia had concluded that, people who ate an average of 5 ounces or more of salmon, tuna and other fatty-acid-rich fish every week were 30% less likely to develop precancerous skin lesions, compared to those who did not. The lesions are known as actinic keratoses, which are usually caused by exposure to the sun. They may further cause skin cancer if there is no proper treatment.

  3. Avocados
    Avocados are rich in B-complex vitamins and essential oils, which are excellent for skin nourishment. Vitamin B3, found abundantly in the fruit, helps relieve red blotchy spots and irritated skin. Avocados also contain significant amount of vitamin E, which protect your skin from the damaging ultraviolet radiation to prevent premature aging and skin cancer.

    Eating avocados help improve your skin texture and complexion. They nourish dry skin and add a charming glow to it. The fruit is also an effective anti-aging food, which delays skin aging, prevents wrinkles and fine lines and also wards off age spots.

  4. Spinach
    Spinach is a dark leafy vegetable loaded with antioxidant properties. It can get rid of free radicals effectively and helps slow the forming of wrinkles. Spinach promotes healthy skin tissues. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to reduce acne problems and skin conditions such as psoriasis. The nutrient-rich vegetable also has a good amount of folate, which assists in DNA repair. Frequent consumption of spinach helps improve those irritating, red, flaky patches on your skin.

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