5 Good Foods for Kidney Health

List of Foods to Maintain Good Kidney Health

Kidneys are important organs as they manage various metabolic activities in your body. It performs many functions such as managing blood pressure and flushing of waste materials out from your body. When your kidneys cannot function properly, it will lead to many serious diseases. Therefore, taking care of your kidneys is vital, so they can function in the way they should. Below are some great foods for the wellness of your kidneys: 
  1. Parsley
    Parsley is a good diuretic. Based on a study done in 2002, the herb is able to inhibit potassium and sodium pump in to the kidneys, leading to rising of urine production. In a book titled Living Foods for Health, parsley has been described as an herb capable of boosting kidney function to remove waste from the body. It is also used to treat water retention, painful urination and fatigue. This useful herb has traditionally been used as a natural remedy for kidney stones and other kidney ailments.

5 Foods for Kidney Health

  1. Cauliflower
    Cauliflower is another kidney-friendly food. This healthful vegetable has an abundant of vitamin C, dietary fiber and folate. It helps boost kidney function as the antioxidant compounds found in the cruciferous vegetable contain great anti-inflammatory properties. Eating cauliflower protect you against kidney stones. It is important to get rid of kidney stones as they can further develop into more serious kidney disease. You can eat raw cauliflower with a dip or add it to salads. Other healthful way would be to boil or steam the cruciferous vegetable, and season it well to make it a delicious dish.

  2. Blueberries, Cranberries and Strawberries
    Bad environment and normal body’s metabolism can generate free radicals. These harmful free radicals can be neutralized by antioxidants. Most berries are rich in antioxidant compounds. Adding plenty of berries to your meals helps maintain kidney health and also prevent kidney ailments from turning worse. Cranberries are able to inhibit bacteria from causing bladder infections, while raspberries prevent cell damage and stop tumor formation. Strawberries help reduce oxidative damage, and blueberries can treat kidney inflammation. Berries are usually high in vitamin C, which can boost the immunity of your body.

  3. Apples
    Researchers in France have proven that eating an apple a day helps enhance kidney function. In their experiment, obese rats were given diet that contains 20% apple. Besides lower triglycerides and cholesterol were detected in the body of the rats, their urine was found to contain higher toxin malondialdehyde, lesser protein and glucose. That showed the kidney function of the rats had been improved by taking the diet.

  4. Cucumbers
    David Wolfe, who authors Eating for Beauty, has verified cucumber as the best organic kidney cleanser. The culinary fruit can rid bladder and kidney of stones and debris. Erepsin, an enzyme found in cucumbers helps kidneys to remove excessive proteins. They are also effective in killing tapeworms in the digestive tract.

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