5 Good Foods for Liver Health

The liver is probably the most important organ in human's body. It has many functions; from making proteins to purifying the blood from various harmful chemicals and toxic compounds. The liver takes on a crucial role in metabolic process and several other bodily functions including detoxification, protein synthesis, red blood cell breakdown and sugar storage. Other than these, liver organ also produces an alkaline compound known as bile; the digestive juice that assists in digestion of all fats.

List of Liver-Friendly Foods

  1. Garlic
    Garlic is a food that helps boost liver wellness. It has an excellent amount of allicin, an important sulfur-based compound capable of helping the liver in carrying out detoxification. It can assist the liver to clean up heavy metals such as lead and mercury, excessive female hormones like estrogen and also nitrogen from your body which may ultimately lead to liver cancer.

  2. Beets
    One of the many benefits of beets is definitely the cleansing of the liver. They can boost liver functions. Fresh beet juice is able to prevent fatty liver because it is rich in betaine, a compound that provides beetroot with its color. Scientific research has shown that betaine is great for the protection of the liver from various liver diseases. It is able to reduce fatty deposits within your liver, specifically those that are caused by protein deficiency, alcoholism and diabetes.

5 Liver-Friendly Foods

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables
    Eating cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli will boost the level of glucosinolate within your body, contributing to enzyme secretion in the liver. All these useful enzymes help remove carcinogens, as well as other toxic compounds from your body, which greatly reduces the risk of most cancers.

  2. Artichoke
    For centuries, artichoke has been recognized as a decent liver tonic. The properties of polyphenol antioxidants like silymarin and cynarin are great for your liver as they assist in regeneration of liver tissues. It has been traditionally used to treat various liver diseases.

  3. Milk Thistle
    Milk thistle has been used since two thousand years ago as an herbal treatment for many different health conditions, especially liver, gall bladder and kidney ailments. Scientific studies indicate that compounds in milk thistle, particularly a flavonoid known as silymarin, provide protection to the liver from being damaged by toxins, for instance acetaminophen, which may lead to liver damage. Silymarin contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help in new liver cell regeneration.

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