Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

Facts about Herbs and Spices

Herbs are generally seed-bearing plants with no woody stems. Herbs have a wide range of uses such as cooking, healing, and in certain instances, religious usage. The leafy portion of the plant is usually used. However, natural remedies employ the flowers, seeds, roots, barks, pericarps and berries. Common usage is different between medicinal and culinary herbs. A medicinal herb is often a shrub or woody plant, while a culinary herb is mostly a non-woody plant, normally utilizing the leaves.

Meanwhile, spices are the fruit, berries, seeds, root, bark, or some other parts, such as leaves; even though any of these, and any edible vegetables or fruits, can be deemed "herbs" in spiritual or medicinal use. Culinary herbs are different from vegetables for the reason that one can use them in small quantities to get flavor and not substance to dishes.

Health Benefits of Eating Herbs and Spices

Medical experts discovered that many thousands of years back, mankind already realized the medicinal and culinary attributes of spices and herbs. Hippocrates, a well-known ancient doctor has listed around 400 types of herbs in the 5th century.

During those olden days, the Romans, Greeks, Indian and Chinese were among the pioneers who concocted different herbs and produced natural remedies for various health conditions.

These days, natural herbs continue to be used to bring flavor to food and drinks. In addition we can use them as dietary and nutritional supplements, complementary medicine for many different ailments and illness, to enhance health and also for the prevention of illnesses. Herbs are used in cosmetic products, as scents and dyes as well.

Many people are now mindful of the health benefits of herbs and have confidence in the curing effects of the various kinds of herbs. They have started to plant herbs in order to have them fresh and learned to produce their very own herbal remedies.

The list of herbs and spices as well as their uses is often a long one. Every herb or spice has its healing and therapeutic benefit and properties.

Different Types of Herbs and Spices:

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