Noni Fruit Facts and Health Benefits 101

Facts about Noni Fruit

The Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a small tree found in Tahiti, Caribbean, India, South America and West Indies that has gained worldwide recognition in the natural health segment because of its fruit and juice.

Morinda citrifolia, having an open, uneven coronet and glossy, dark-green leaves yields oblong fruit, which is green when unripe and change to yellowish-white when ripe.

Antioxidants of Noni Juice

  • Antioxidants of noni juice prolong time-to-fatigue throughout sports performance.
  • With its antioxidant properties, noni juice is among the planet's greatest antioxidants. Antioxidants have the ability to scavenge and get rid of free radicals that damage our body cells. The juice also supplies strong antioxidants to fight free radicals at the cellular stage and safeguard DNA from destruction incurred by free radicals.
  • Oxidative stress may harm your body cells. The antioxidants in noni juice boost your body's natural defenses to counter oxidative stress.
  • Antioxidants also sustain healthy aging by keeping intact cell DNA.

Green Noni Fruit

Health Benefits of Noni Juice Drinking

Macular Degeneration
Noni is believed to help avoid and heal macular degeneration by boosting the output of more melanin pigment through the macula.

Mental Wellness
Noni is said to be good for dealing with various mental health concerns, including depression, stress and insomnia.

Body's Immune System
Noni is proven in study to boost the body's defense mechanism, helping your system to combat diseases and infection and enabling damaged cells to regrow.

Reproductive System Wellbeing
Noni is useful to treat menstrual and prostate complications. It is good, for instance, in healing menstrual problems like fibroids, minimizing cramping and also controlling menstrual flow. It assists in reducing swollen prostate glands.

Pain Alleviation
Noni juice offers analgesic properties, rendering it helpful as a natural pain reliever to treat headaches and various other painful ailments.

Noni has active compounds that feature potent tumor-fighting attributes, and is applied as a health supplement in the remedy for cancer.

Noni is full of fatty acids which are essential for the proper working of the cell membranes, and improve nerve and skin cells.

Hair Growth
Antioxidants function in the human body to prevent damage by environment and infections to maintain health. Noni also has minerals and vitamins that can improve your body's immune system and boost blood circulation, enhancing the wellness of your scalp and hair.

Noni Fruit Calories and Nutritional Value

Each 100 g pure Hawaiian noni juice has 15.3 calories, 0.43 g of protein, 10.5 mg of sodium, 33.65 mg of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), < 5 IU of retinol (vitamin A), and 10.1 mg of calcium. Due to the annoying taste and smell of noni, most producers will mix concentrates of other fruit juice to the product. This may affect the nutritional information of the fruit juice, so you need to browse the content label to find out ingredients and nutritional value on every product you buy.

Side Effects of Noni

  • The noni juice side effect to diabetics happens when they overlook the glucose and caloric details of the product. Taking note of the ingredients contained in noni juice helps diabetic patients avoid it.
  • Another side effect noni juice seems to have is it may result in constipation when you consume an excessive amount of this product. 

Noni Scam

These days, some dishonest Multi-Level Marketing scams have appeared to make use of the quick rise in public attention towards noni and its juice to be a health product. A number of noni juice are added with water despite promises of 100% pure juice. Insufficient regulation suggests you to study noni products carefully before purchasing.

Recipes of Noni

Noni fruit carries a fairly bitter flavor with a strong odor and therefore has been usually applied as a therapeutic food. Noni recipes normally mix noni juice with some other sweeter fruits, so the flavor becomes more palatable.

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